Design and Build

Spacecraft Model Files

Build your own 3D New Horizons spacecraft model.

Below is a zipped file of .stl-formatted printable models including instructions for printing and assembly.

We understand that 3D printing often involves trial and error. You may make adjustments or changes when printing these models.

Download STL files (ZIP, 2.29 MB)

Make Your Own Pluto Globe (All Ages)

Assemble your own globe of Pluto using images from the Hubble Space Telescope—the best images of Pluto we have had until New Horizons!

Make a Model of the Pluto/Charon System (All Ages)

Pluto and Charon are a binary system. Build your own model of a binary system and see what makes it so unique! With adult help, children of any age will enjoy this activity.

Build Your Own New Horizons Spacecraft (Ages 10+)

Best suited for ages 10+, build a scale model of the New Horizons spacecraft!

Model Design Diagram

View the New Horizons spacecraft model design diagram!